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  • Director: Shani Grewal
  • Cast: Nitin Chandra Ganatra, Saeed Jaffrey, Jacqueline Pearce, Anthony Zaki
  • Genre: Comedy
UK Theatrical Rating:18

The film stars a cast of hugely talented British actors and features an astonishing debut from Nitin Chandra Ganatra (Eastenders) as Sanjay, in a role reminiscent of a young Michael Caine in ‘Alfie’, with support from Saeed Jaffrey, Jacqueline Pearce and Anthony Zaki. Guru In Seven is a modern day fable, a rock ‘n’ roll movie for the MTV generation about a desperate group of twenty-something ‘swingers’ and ‘slackers’. Director Shani Grewal, has been compared to Tarantino and Rodriguez for his ability as a shoestring auteur and the film received rave reviews following its theatrical release. Guru In Seven had a budget of £33,000, shot entirely on location in London, Brighton, Paris and Bombay with snappy editing, a blistering east/west soundtrack and prowling camerawork – Guru In Seven is sharply observed, raw and as un-PC as it gets.

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