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  • Director: Chris Smith
  • Cast: Venkatesh Chavan, Jhangir, Nana Patekar, Ayesha Mohan
  • Genre: Unknown
UK Theatrical Rating:12A
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In cinemas Friday 16th November 2012! The Pool is the story of Venkatesh, a "bus boy" working at a hotel in Panjim, Goa, who sees from his perch in a mango tree a luxuriant garden and shimmering pool hidden behind a wall. In making whatever efforts he can to better himself, Venkatesh offers his services to the wealthy owner of the home. Not content to simply dream about a different life, Venkatesh is inquisitive about the home's inhabitants-indeed about the world around him-and his curiosity changes the shape of his future. Remarkably cogent and affecting, this is inspired storytelling distinctive for its ability to transmit a complete viewpoint in just a phrase or brief conversation. In the same vein as his latest documentary, Smith's creative acumen focuses on the gulf between the rich and poor, sharing its insights, observations, poignancy, and truth in a deceptively simple narrative. Working in Hindi with young actors and in a country obviously not his own, Smith has nevertheless created a superbly incisive portrait that will move and delight you. Reviews – **** - Total Film **** - Daily Express **** - MovieScope ‘Wow, a bona fide charmer’ – Little White Lies. Watch now on Distrify:

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